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“Just a Girl and Her Guitar” THE ALBUM, OUT NOW


The Sound of Jasmine Vatamaniuck

A Real Country Star

There are many ways to describe Jasmine Vatamaniuck: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Jasmine Vatamaniuck is real. She sings honestly and from the soul combining art, story and song in perfect unison. Jasmine’s first single “You Owe a Life” is available on all streaming platforms. More fresh, fantastic music coming soon…


Behind the Music

Jasmine Vatamaniuck is strongly influenced by the emotion, and story of music. Even as a youngster, she was drawn to music and musicians. She truly started to understand the power of sound and try to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. Jasmine’s signature style is instantly recognizable and is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate. Jasmine’s name becoming increasingly heard on a national stage, her career is at an important crossroads that could see her burst onto the international charts hopefully in the near future. 


About Jasmine Vatamaniuck

A Story Steeped in Sound

Throughout the course of her musical career, Jasmine Vatamaniuck has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making appearances and continuing to record new singles, and albums. Jasmine Vatamaniuck has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 2021 she serves as both an inspiration and a role model.


Live Upcoming Performances 

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Jasmine singing live in Edmonton 



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